We offer world class PVC Doors to add exclusive look to your home or office. Our PVC Strip Doors cater to all kinds of customer's requirements like exquisite PVC Doors in Bedroom, Pooja Room, Bathroom, Kitchen, and what not! The contemporary collection of PVC Folding Doors provided by us is available at affordable prices to meet buyers' budgetary convenience.

PVC Products Provided

PVC Single Panel Door: Our PVC Single Panel Doors are adequate to add value, sophistication and style to your home. PVC Single Panel Doors employ the stringent international standards to you from unwanted elements. We offer Doors in customized designs with maintenance free finishes.

PVC Doors Features

  • Water Proof.
  • Low Heat Expansion.
  • Excellent Heat Resistance.
  • Rust Free.
  • Custom Made Design
  • Maintenance Free
  • Elegant Colors

Crinkle PVC Door: Crinkle PVC Door combines the beauty of wood with the solidity of PVC. The wood is seasoned and treated to protect from borer or power attack. Imported memering film is used for the outer PVC Coating, which not only look stylish and solid, but also absolutely water resistant and long-lasting.

Solid Moulded Panel Door: We provide stylish and absolutely safe Solid Moulded Panel Doors. Moulded Panel Door is made from imported rigid PVC, which make them completely water resistant and easy to maintain. Solid Moulded Doors are available in a variety of exclusive designs and colors.

ABS Doors: ABS Moulded Panel Doors are specially made for use in wet areas like bathrooms. These are developed from imported ABS PVC that make them waterproof and easy to maintain. One Piece EVA Foam used inside the Door is also waterproof and makes your door long lasting. These Doors are provided in three different colors to match your interiors.

Aqua Glass Series: Aqua Glass Series Doors offers a real glass look, though being ABS PVC with Digi Printing on it. These are available in three different glass effects to match users' specific needs.