Termite Chemicals & Treatment

Trisul 20 (Chloropyriphos 20% EC) is an approved chemical for the Soil Treatment for the control of Termites in pre and post construction of your buildings. This product has already been approved and enlisted with DGS & DFRI Dehradun. MES and CPWD, Several architects & construction companies, colonizers, builders, contractors, and pest control units are procuring our product due to good quality & excellent controlling power over Termites.

The pest control is targeted against common household crawling pests like cockroaches, red and black ants, spiders, silver fish and psocids. For cockroach control, gel is applied at their harborages such as cracks and crevices, electrical appliances etc. The gel is applied with the help of applicator in the form of tiny dots not more than the size of matchstick head. The gel attracts cockroaches to feed on it leading to their death. The toxicant in the gel is also spread to other members resulting drastic reduction in roach population and in shortest time. The gel is applied mostly in the kitchen and other areas where cockroaches are noticed. This gel is affective against cockroaches only.

For red ants control and black ants control a liquid odorless chemical is spread as a spot spray.

The advantages of Intelligel treatment are

  • It is not necessary to empty out the kitchen.
  • Since the treatment is odorless, it is not necessary to vacate the premises.
  • The treatment can be carried out at anytime of the day.
  • It is totally hassle free and safe for the occupants.

Schemes available

Intelligel – Cockroach control service/Red Ants Control Service/ Black Ants Control Service.